Political Theory
Chelsea Manning’s Stockholm Syndrome
July 10, 2017

After spending years being imprisoned and abused in conditions the United Nations called cruel and inhuman by the United States government, Chelsea Manning declared on Twitter that it is immoral for anybody to not want to turn over their own money to an organization that would do this to people.

No person or group has a greater claim to your body, to your labor, or to the fruits of your labor than you do. Period. But this is especially true of a group of people who have done the things that the U.S. government did to Chelsea Manning, or the worse things that they’ve done to people around the world. Manning is responding to the claim that “taxation is theft,” but she never explains why that statement is false.

Taxation itself is an example of violence against people, taking their property without their consent, but the money that is taxed is then used to commit more and greater violence both within the United States and around the world.

The Collateral Murder video that Manning sent to WikiLeaks shows us exactly what the money that the U.S. government takes from us is used for.

So why is it our “shared responsibility” to pay for this? Manning doesn’t elaborate, she merely asserts that it is the case. Rather than learning from her own experiences and accepting that the nature of government is violence and standing against it on principle, Manning wants to use government violence to achieve her own personal ends. Apparently she wants to spread the misery that she suffered to as many other people as she can.