Government Funding of Abortion
September 21, 2015

When it comes to the issue of abortion I’m a self-described agnostic. Simply put, I have no idea whether I’m pro-life or pro-choice, because I think the fundamental arguments for both positions are correct. It’s true that every individual woman owns her own body, and it logically follows that she should be able to make decisions regarding her body. It’s also true, however, that abortion is termination of a life, and that the fetus, as a person, should logically be safe from aggression the same way the woman carrying the fetus should be. I’ve never heard an argument from either side of the debate that I think conclusively proves the other side wrong, and I may lean one way or the other from one day to the next.

To be clear, I’m not taking the cowardly political position that I’m “evolving” on the issue of abortion, but rather making the honest declaration that I simply don’t know. Biology has given us a conundrum that I think will violate somebody’s rights no matter which side is given the authority of law.

This is merely to give some background to the real issue I’m trying to discuss, which is the fact that the United States government actively funds abortions in the United States thanks to a legal loophole. Defenders of organizations like Planned Parenthood will state that they’re crucial for women’s health, and that none of the money from the federal government goes toward funding the abortions performed because the law prohibits it.

If the federal government gives money to Planned Parenthood specifically for X, Y, and Z then that frees up other resources to go toward abortions. So this is the loophole: The federal government gives these organizations money earmarked for specific purposes not having to do with abortion, and then they can use their other streams of income to provide more abortions than they would in the absence of federal funding.

This is nothing more than a crank argument from people like Elizabeth Warren who are pandering for political purposes. There is of course no chance that Republicans are going to vote to defund Planned Parenthood because they are largely too cowardly to accept the political repercussions of doing so regardless of whether it’s the right thing to do. Regardless, no matter where you stand on the issue of abortion itself there’s no reason to lie about the fact that the federal government subsidizes abortions, or to accept that it’s moral for the U.S. government to steal from some people and give it to others.