Hillary’s Useful Murderess
September 29, 2016

At the first debate on Monday, Hillary brought up a former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, who had been insulted and mocked by Donald Trump for gaining weight after she won the pageant. The goal was to highlight that Trump has a history of making horrible remarks about women. Never mind the fact that he says horrible things about men as well, and that Hillary’s own history towards the women that have accused her husband of impropriety and far worse is nothing short of despicable.

The New York Times, whose editorial board has endorsed Clinton for president, wrote, “For 20 years, Alicia Machado has lived with the agony of what Donald J. Trump did to her after she won the Miss Universe title: shame her, over and over, for gaining weight.” The idea that an adult woman who voluntarily competed in beauty pageants, the entire purpose of which is to judge women based on their looks, actually agonized for two decades about Donald Trump saying mean things about her appearance is ludicrous.

This is clearly nothing more than an attempt for this woman to get back at Trump years after the slight, and it plays right into the hands of Hillary Clinton who is putting Machado’s story out for all to hear. The problem for Clinton is that there’s much more to Machado’s story than just being insulted by Donald Trump, including possibly having been an accomplice to a murder.

So rather than flatly denying that she had anything to do with a murder, Machado’s defense is that she’s really famous so people say things about her and it happened nearly 20 years ago so it’s irrelevant. The hypocrisy of Donald Trump calling her fat nearly 20 years ago and that somehow being relevant is apparently lost on her. I wonder if the family of the person murdered, allegedly with the help of Alicia Machado, experienced the level of agony she did after Trump called her a mean name. Perhaps the New York Times can look into that for us.

It’s certainly fair to state that any attention paid to this so-called issue is entirely frivolous and without substance, but Hillary Clinton made it one of the focal points of her campaign after the debate and it highlights several important points about her. Firstly, it highlights the fact that Hillary Clinton fully believes that she can do whatever she wants without consequences. There’s no chance that Hillary’s campaign was not aware of Alicia Machado’s history and the allegations against her, but Hillary chose to make her the face of female victimhood nonetheless. That it could blow up in her face or that anyone would hold her accountable for promoting a possible accomplice to a murder didn’t stop her anymore than laws or ethics stopped her from purposefully using a private email server and then attempting to destroy evidence that she hid official emails from public scrutiny.

Secondly, it shows her callous disregard for the lives of fellow human beings. Remember how she cackled about the brutal murder of Maummar Qaddafi. This woman possibly helped in the murder of another human being, but Hillary’s aspirations to become president are far more important to her than that person’s life or the feelings of their family. There’s no question that Donald Trump is a complete narcissist, but it’s also true that Hillary Clinton is an absolute sociopath. She will do whatever it takes to gain power and it doesn’t matter who she has to step on in the process.