Thoughts on Gab
September 11, 2016

Gab is the new upstart competitor to Facebook and Twitter with a strong emphasis on free speech that was opened nearly four weeks ago and is currently in a private beta. I’ve had my profile for nearly three weeks and I have to say I like it. Gab most resembles Twitter, which seems to be […]

The Democratic Party Narrative in 2020
August 25, 2016

If I may use a tired baseball analogy, it’s safe to say that we’re currently rounding third in the 2016 presidential election, and it appears as if Hillary Clinton is going to be the 45th President of the United States. As seen in the graphic below, all the current polling indicates a Clinton victory over […]

America’s Parasite Prisons
August 23, 2016

In the wake of the U.S. Justice Department declaring that they will phase out the use of private prisons, it’s time for us to openly acknowledge that probably every critique the left can throw at private industry applies to the private prison industry. In short, the private prison industry really does put profits before people, […]

The Amazon-Killer Chronicles
August 8, 2016

Patrick Rothfuss, the author of the extremely popular fantasy series The Kingkiller Chronicles, went on an expletive-laced Twitter rant the other day after he found out that one of his favorite airport bookstores had closed. Now I won’t criticize anybody who’s upset that a bookstore has closed, but I draw the line at bad economics […]

It Wasn’t Necessary to Nuke Japan
August 6, 2016

Too many people are under the delusion that the atomic bombings of Japan, a war crime perpetrated against innocent civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were necessary to force Japan to surrender at the end of World War II, otherwise the United States would have had to invade Japan at the cost of hundreds of thousands […]

The Revolution That Wasn’t
July 24, 2016

WikiLeaks has released a trove of emails from the Democratic National Committee that prove that Bernie Sanders was right all along when he said that the DNC and its chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz were biased against him during the Democratic primary. The emails also show much collusion between the DNC and media outlets such as NBC. […]

Law & Justice
On the Right to Bear Arms
June 17, 2016

Those of us who support a person’s right to own guns may find it blasphemous, but it’s true that a person can honestly disagree with us on the issue. Yes, it’s possible for someone to want to ban private gun ownership in the United States, and be honest about it. The problem, however, comes from […]

The Electability of Bernie Sanders
April 14, 2016

Possibly the most interesting, and completely unreported, fact about the presidential election right now is that Bernie Sanders is consistently polling as the stronger candidate to go up against any of the potential Republican nominees in the general election. RealClearPolitics has collected recent polls conducted and it shows that Sanders outperforms Clinton against the Republicans […]