The Mundane Leading the Boring
August 28, 2015

The big news of the day is that former Congressman Eric Cantor has endorsed Jeb Bush for President. This is a big get for the former Governor of Florida who’s flagging campaign has taken a beating from a dominant Donald Trump. I kid, of course. The former Majority Leader, whom I gleefully remind you was […]

A Question for Bob Murphy
August 21, 2015

I recently listened to the debate between Walter Block and Robert P. Murphy on the Tom Woods Show on whether a libertarian should accept money from the government. Murphy took the negative position, though I think his position is actually more nuanced than just being an outright no, and Block took the affirmative. I have […]

When Hillary Clinton was pressed on whether she wiped her e-mail server before turning it over to the State Department the best response she could muster was, “Like with a cloth or something?” While on the one hand claiming to be the official in charge of the server, and using her own discretion as to […]

Ron Paul Endorses Rand Paul
August 18, 2015

After tanking in the polls after his horrible performance in the first GOP debate, Senator Rand Paul has done the only thing that he can do and run back to his father. Former Congressman Ron Paul has been largely absent from Rand’s Presidential campaign, because the Rand campaign wanted to portray Rand Paul as a […]

Donald Trump vs. the World
August 8, 2015

After Donald Trump decided to make some frankly gross comments about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly after he felt she treated him unfairly in Thursday night’s debate, the GOP establishment turned firmly against him even more than it already had. Erick Erickson, editor of conservative site Red State, revoked Trump’s invitation to a GOP conference […]

The Confederate Conundrum
August 1, 2015

Last relevant on April 18, 1865, the Confederate battle flag of the Army of Tennessee has seen a surprising amount of press in the past week in the wake of some nut-job with a bad haircut, whose name will not be mentioned on this blog, shooting up a church full of black people because of […]

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