The Mundane Leading the Boring
August 28, 2015

The big news of the day is that former Congressman Eric Cantor has endorsed Jeb Bush for President. This is a big get for the former Governor of Florida who’s flagging campaign has taken a beating from a dominant Donald Trump.

I kid, of course. The former Majority Leader, whom I gleefully remind you was the first to lose a primary since the late 19th-century when the position was created, turned bankster is about as relevant in this election cycle as day old milk, and less useful. The only thing surprising or interesting about this endorsement is that Cantor apparently missed the memo from the establishment that Ohio Governor John Kasich is their man. Public Policy Polling, probably the most accurate polling company in the country, has Trump dominating the field in New Hampshire but with John Kasich coming in at second with 11% to Jeb Bush’s 7%.

If Cantor really believes that “Governor Bush is a true conservative leader with a long-term vision for this country and the practical know-how to implement it,” then he’s in for another disappointing Republican primary. It’s clear that the establishment has moved on from Bush due to his complete inability to convince anybody that he even wants to win the Republican nomination, let alone would make a strong nominee to go up against the Democrats. Not to mention his sleep-inducing rallies. At this point Jeb Bush is an also-ran, and Eric Cantor’s endorsement is useless especially after Donald Trump inevitably announces how many times he’s bought Cantor off in the past.

Unfortunately for them, nobody cares about Jeb Bush’s candidacy and even less care what Eric Cantor thinks about who should be the nominee. This endorsement may make some headlines for about five minutes, but I expect it will be forgotten before I’ve finished my morning cup of coffee.