Foreign Affairs
Dave Smith destroys American foreign policy in less than a minute
January 24, 2018

Comedian Dave Smith was recently on SE Cupp Unfiltered on CNN’s HLN network, where the panel Smith was on was asked by S.E. Cupp, the show’s host, whether it was “time to do something in a full-throated way” in Syria due to Obama’s alleged regrets about not doing enough in Syria while he was president. Smith’s response can be heard in the video embedded in the tweet below.

Before Dave Smith responds to Cupp’s question, Erin Gloria Ryan is making the perfectly reasonable and absolutely correct point that we can’t know what will happen if we do intervene in Syria when Cupp interrupts her to say, “But it is possible to tell what doing nothing will be, because we know now.” Except for the fact that the Obama administration armed and funded militant rebel groups in Syria to help them overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad, groups that were either always affiliated with al-Qaeda and ISIS or allied with them later. But this is “doing nothing” in the world of S.E. Cupp.

Smith also addresses the “full-throated” responses that the U.S. has engaged in in other Middle Eastern countries such as Libya, where, after the U.S. aided the Libyan al-Qaeda backed rebels to overthrow and brutally murder Maummar Gaddhafi, the country was plunged into a tribal civil war that resulted in genocide against darker skinned Libyans and the introduction of slave auctions. This is not to mention the disasters that are Afghanistan and Iraq, two countries the U.S. Military will never be able to leave due to the fact that the governments there will likely be overthrown within days of their departure.

After Smith expertly lays all of this this out, along with pointing out how the U.S. government is currently aiding Saudi Arabia while they commit genocide and have caused the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen, in a soundbite that lasts less than a minute, the best Cupp can respond with is, “I disagree with almost everything you just said.” The only effective response she had to Smith’s heroic speech is to simply ignore it and move on as quickly as she can so none of her viewers can reflect for long on the embarrassing record of the U.S. government’s military interventions.