The New York Times Provides Cover for Saudi and American War Crimes in Yemen
August 23, 2017

If one bothers to actually read it, it’s not hard to see why President Trump consistently refers to the New York Times as “failing” or “fake news.” In a recent article detailing what some agencies of the United Nations have deemed the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen, the New York Times chose to ignore the fact that it is the government of Saudi Arabia armed with American weapons that has created that crisis. The official Twitter account of the New York Times tweeted, and later deleted, the comment pictured above.

They included the same sentiment in the article itself, as seen in the image below:

They later changed the phrasing in the article, as seen in this image:

Note how the authors of this article tried to make it appear as though the Saudis and Americans are simply interested in helping the people suffering under a humanitarian crisis with no apparent cause, rather than the truth of the matter which is that the U.S. government, under Obama and Trump, has been arming the Saudis as they’ve mercilessly targeted Yemeni civilians with bombs and have erected blockades that have led to disease and starvation among the population of Yemen.

The idea that the people responsible for these horrific crimes against humanity would be portrayed as simply having Yemen “under [a] close watch” is psychotic, and there can be no question that it was done deliberately to hide the American government’s complicity and that of their close ally.

The New York Times made these changes to their article with absolutely no editorial comment alerting their readers that a change had been made to the content of the article, or explaining the reason for the change. The reason is obvious, but journalists and publishers should be held responsible for that which they publish and it’s clear that the Times is simply trying to sweep this under the rug to avoid embarrassment.

The fact that something like this could get published at all, let alone in a major news outlet like the New York Times, is a complete disgrace. Journalists purport to be the watchdog of the government on behalf of the people, but it’s clear in cases like this that most are simply acting as the propaganda wing of the government regardless of who’s in power.

This is why it’s imperative to never simply accept the narrative they’re trying to craft, but to demand evidence to back up every assertion. If they’re willing to hide the American government’s complicity in war crimes, would it be such a stretch to suggest, for example, that they may not be telling the truth when it comes to President Trump’s alleged ties to the Russian government?